I would like any images of my children deleted from all my accounts.

I have a legacy contact that will control my account. I'm glad Facebook introduced that option.

Passing on all my passwords to my husband to manage.

Delete all my messages.

Delete my account.

Memorialize my account.

Delete my account.

Delete it.


I recently added legacy contacts to my account and opted to memmorialize it.

Post one last goodbye and then delete my account.


Should keep it, but lock it

I got control of my mother fb when she died. I would like my gf to have control of mine.

Don't delete it but keep it inactive

I'd like my family to be able to see it as long as they wanted to, but equally, they should be able to shut down my socials when I die.

Facebook deleted my moms page immediately. I wish I could still visit it.

Have it wiped!

I would like my acount memorialized and my husband take control of my account.

Delete all my messages and lock it.

Transitioned to a family member's profile if they would like to keep the memories added to their profile. If not, please delete it.

Id say lock the profile and keep it as an archive rather than delete it

With my dad, I keep him as a friend. His account is labeled inactive (or something like that), but it is a gentle reminder for me.

I know it's silly, but I still go my dead cousins page and post on it every now and then, as well as looking through some of our conversations.


Facebook might sell our information to our future generations. I dont want this, so delete it.

I hope facebook disappears long before then.

Preserve everything.

I just added my husband as my legacy contact and found out he'd added me as his a few weeks ago.

Don't care, I'll be dead!

i knew a girl who kept her boyfriends facebook active after he died... with posts and everything. she kind of made it "their" facebook. a little creepy...

Delete it.

I plan to give my Facebook password to a trusted friend and have them post statuses "from beyond the grave" every now and then once I pop off.

I would like mine deleted, and also my pets profile.

My heart would be ripped out if I ever had to watch my mother pass away only to come home to see one last update or picture she posted.

I've got 2 corpses on my current friends list.

Rule #1 of the internet: everything is permanent

I have a couple of people on my list that have passed away. It's weird for us alive. Delete it.

Delete it. PLEASE.

My best friend can control my account when I die.

I'm OK with having my account memeorialized.

I never really thought about this. I think delete.

Memorialize my profile.

One of my deceased friends has a frozen account. It's creepy to see abandoned facebook pages of people you know are dead...Delete it.

I had a friend die and someone hacked their account and posted status on their wall saying they had never died and other stuff... Delete it.

I find it rather mind blowing how the technology these days will preserve history. Memorialize my account.

We are a generation that has put our entire lives onto a digital medium.

I use my dead grandmothers profile

One of my best friends died 5 years ago and his account is still open. We usually post happy birthday messages on it still. Delete mine.

DeLeTe iT

I dont want a frozen account so I would like my brother to manage it.

My best friend and her daughter passed away last year. It's been really nice to be able to still go to her Facebook page and look through her pictures or just leave a message on her wall or pm her

i get kind of weirded out by it. I belong to a community of poets on facebook. Just before I joined this group, a young but very talented member died. she is much mourned by the community. This year another much loved member died, someone I actually knew. When both their profiles appear on my account it wigs me out and in the case of the one I knew, reopens the wound.

I changed my sisters facebook account after she died (she shared all her passwords with me)

I have a friend that passed away over the summer, and people treated his page as a memorial website. It was nice, but people got into the typical petty facebook arguments, which kind of ruined it. They also still announce his birthday on my newsfeed, which I think needs to be removed

It's the birthday notifications that kill me. Im friends on fb with people who have passed away until that first birthday notification. I can't deal with it.

In a few hundred years digital archaeologists will pour through our emails, profiles and other digital records and put together histories accurate to a hitherforeto unknown level. I, for one, am going to make an interesting study in whore-ishness.

I had girlfriend who killed herself over this summer (we had broken up a year before). I remember seeing her chat icon being green everyday and going to click on it since we talked a lot. I had to block the account just out of self pity really. Delete it.

We'll have excavations for old profiles one day. Just imagine how good recorded our time is. Like never before. Millions of lives thoroughly saved in photos, thoughts, conversations. I would like to be part of this kind of history.